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    What is ACL reconstruction surgery ?



    ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction surgery is a procedure that repairs a torn ACL in the knee. It involves replacing the damaged ligament with a graft, typically sourced from the patient or a donor. This surgery is common among individuals, especially athletes, experiencing instability in the knee due to a torn ACL. Rehabilitation through physical therapy is essential for a successful recovery, which can take several months before returning to regular activities. The decision for surgery is based on factors like overall health, activity level, and the extent of the ACL injury.



    When home remedies prove ineffective, it becomes essential to seek consultation from the nearest orthopedic surgeons.

    The cost of the operation depends on the following factors



    It’s a procedure to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.

    The surgeon replaces the torn ACL with a graft, usually from the patient or a donor.

    Individuals with a torn ACL causing knee instability, often athletes.

    Several months, with crucial rehabilitation through physical therapy.

    Some opt for physical therapy, but surgery is often recommended for complete tears.

    Risks include infection, blood clots, and graft failure—discuss with your surgeon.

    While not entirely preventable, exercises and proper techniques can reduce the risk.

    Timelines vary; clearance is needed from your surgeon and physical therapist.

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