Key Features

Expert Doctors

Qualified, experienced, internationally trained expert physicians who deal with intricate health issues of the patients to efficiently diagnose and diligently treat challenging health conditions.

Emergency Services (24X7 days)

Expert Emergency Team with Rapid Action Emergency Response to offer round the clock emergency services for trauma, critical illness, heart attack and stroke patients. Dedicated unit for heart attack and stroke patients with Swift response emergency Ambulance Services.

Affordable Rates

We provide world-class healthcare services at affordable rates. We are determined to provide highest-quality compassionate care with transparency, integrity and trust. Many insurance partners are associated with us.

Modern Operation Theatre

The most sophisticated &modern operation theatres are well-equipped with futuristic technology integrated monitoring systems, equipment, laminar air flow systems, navigation systems, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) to provide the highest quality care.

High Quality Treatment

TX Hospitals is at the forefront to provide highest quality holistic care through innovation, precision and compassion. TX has advanced infrastructure and facilities integrated with modern equipment and futuristic technology.

Futuristic Technology

TX Hospitals is leading care to international standards with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology which is on par with international standards. All medical services are provided to ensure the highest quality care to all.