Rooms Facilities & Services

Room Services

Safe lockers – bedside safe lockers are available to keep your belongings. However, you will be advised not to wear jewellery and costly items.

Food service

All types of foods are available for patients and their caretakers. The meals are specially planned by our dieticians to fulfil patients’ medical and nutritional requirements. In addition, we provide customized and personalized diet plans and menus for patients who are on special diets or dietary therapy owing to their special conditions and health requirements.

Telephone – bedside telephone is available for patients.

For additional requirements and other services – such as housekeeping services, request for packaged water, bed covers, press, and for any other requirement, patients can make call and put forward a request.

Other services – laundry, provision of meals, nursing care, doctors’ round, sample collections, laboratory tests, and other clinical procedures and other room services are available.

Allied health professional services

Physiotherapists, dieticians, rehabilitation experts, occupational therapists provide their services as per the requirement of your health condition. They assess and provide treatment to manage your progress of recovery.


Our customer care executives facilitate admissions at the admission desk. You will get a Unique Identification number (UID). All future references and medical records will have this number. Once you complete the process and pay the estimated amount, you will be guided to your room. You will fill in a form and complete admission formalities and then escorted to your room. You can avail the room that you have selected.

Patient attendant: One attendant is allowed per patient.

Checklist for your admission

  • Health insurance card or insurance card or cover guarantee from your insurance provider.
  • Aadhaar card or driving license or government issued identity card
  • Medical reports if any (previous)

Payments: If you want to avail cashless facility through the Third-Party Administrator (TPA), you can contact the insurance / TPA desk, they will guide you.

We recommend you to check with your insurance provider (national, international or foreign) whether you are covered. This you should do before your admission.

Cash Payment – Our financial counsellors will guide you regarding treatment estimate and initial deposit amount. You can do the payment in cash or using credit or debit card.

Billing / Payment – Pay your bills at the billing counter

For redressal of billing queries, contact (include phone number here)

Payment Mode – cash, card or bank transfer


Your discharge process begins after getting your doctor’s advice. Your doctor will decide the date of discharge and plan it ahead. Discharge mostly happens by noon. Billing department prepares bill. Our support staff prepares complete discharge summary, procures bills, prepare and compile reports, gets approval from concerned medical officers and gets the final approval from insurance company. Once completed, the final bill is handed over to the patient. The discharge counter takes care of the final settlement. Patient should submit visitors passes at the counter.

Sometimes, there will be delay in discharge process due to delay in getting the approvals from respective insurance company and TPAs.


You will provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims. Our staff will request you for the same. The billing department will present the final bill to you. Once you receive the bill you have to settle it as the cahier will hand over the discharge intimation slips to the head nurse. She will handover discharge summary and all reports to you.

Leaving the Hospital against Medical Advice

Your doctor informs you about the possible risks of getting discharge within the stipulated and advised timeframe. If you want to leave hospital against your doctor’s advice, then you must sign a self-discharge form and your own consent of leaving from the hospital on your own liability and risk.

General Instructions

You should ensure that you have received the following before leaving the hospital:

  • Discharge summary.
  • Doctor’s prescription and notes regarding follow-up treatment.
  • Emergency certificate / Sick leave certificate or any other document whichever is necessary to you.
  • Duly mentioned follow-up appointment dates.
  • Homecare prescription to avail physiotherapy or rehabilitation services
  • A follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Follow-up Appointment

TX Hospitals always advises its patrons for follow-up care. To ensure this, you should follow your follow-up appointment dates after leaving the hospital. This will help in faster recovery and also for evaluating your progress and recovery.