Best Trauma Hospitals in Hyderabad

Emergency, Trauma and Critical Care Centre

Emergency strikes without giving any warnings. Accidents can happen anytime during work, travel, sporting activities, playing, walking, while swimming, cooking, dancing, driving and so on.
People either require emergency medical care or urgent care – both these types of emergency care can not be delayed – the care needs to be provided immediately. In some cases, emergency care involves proper medication and intensive care, while in some other cases, it may also require surgical treatment along with proper medical and intensive care.

Based on the complications and requirement, emergency surgery may be required. Life-threatening emergencies such as severe head injury, trauma, injuries to multiple organs, accidental injuries, brain strokes, seizures, bleeding, major burns, loss of consciousness and heart attacks require comprehensive care and services of the emergency department. The type of emergency care require for these cases is – Emergency Medical Care.

In some cases, an injury or illness doesn’t seem to be life-threatening, still emergency care facilities are required for such patients because the treatment cannot be delayed until the next day. If the treatment is delayed for the primary doctor to see the case, the condition can worsen further. This type of care is Urgent Medical Care. We provide both urgent and emergency medical care to our patients.

TX Hospitals Care for all types of Emergencies

Our frontline emergency physicians are the warriors who are always ready, active and vigilant – 24/7 to serve all types of emergencies (medical, surgical, cardiac, neuro, strokes, asthma, acute pregnancy-related complications, severe injuries, trauma, poisoning, burns, chemical poisoning, and obstetrics) in all age groups – children, adults and the elderly.

Emergency care team and rapid action team, plan and prioritize an integrated approach by collaborating with other specialists for early recognition and resuscitation – to reduce the impact of any emergency condition.

State-of-the-art Emergency Centre

Emergency Department at TX Hospitals provides comprehensive emergency care seamlessly across all emergency care units. The department ensures smooth work with top-notch and cutting-edge equipment and well-integrated monitoring systems with sophisticated electronic monitoring systems, devices and equipment. All ambulances support advanced care with world-class communication, monitoring and life-support systems. Ambulances are equipped with electronic monitoring systems, protective devices, robust monitors and other supportive devices and systems.

Rapid Action Team for Quick Responsive Care

Our team believes that fast and swift action with a quick and responsive emergency care can save lives. Critical injuries, poisoning, severe burns, toxicological emergencies, acute cardiological problems – massive heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest, critical head injuries, acute and critical neurological cases – brain stroke, status epilepticus, acute respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and ploy trauma emergencies require quick responsive care – our rapid action team deals with all these cases. The rapid action emergency care team also takes care of all types of paediatric emergencies, acute infections, falls, severe wounds, fir-arms and bullet injuries cases, to save lives.

Round-the-clock Emergency Services

Tx Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care provides quick, responsive care to critically injured, diseased, trauma and serious patients. We have a separate resuscitation unit for critically ill patients. Our emergency medicine physicians and specialists follow international triage system to provide emergency care to patients.

Best Trauma Hospitals in Uppal has separate teams of physicians, trauma care specialists, trained Emergency medicine physicians, intensivist and qualified and trained emergency care staff. All teams work in an organized and collaborative manner with a multidisciplinary team care approach. Supportive staff include trauma technicians, ACLS trained nurses, experienced and trained intensivists and emergency medicine personnel. We also take care of people subjected to natural disasters, mass causality incidences by diligently following all the protocols necessary in managing these cases.

TX Department of Emergency medicine and Trauma Care also conducts mass educational programs for public.


One of the Best Emergency Department in Hyderabad at TX Hospitals follows a triage system of emergency classification – and the system is implemented during emergencies. The term “Triage” refers to the methods and techniques that are used to evaluate patients based on the severity of disease, illness, injury, trauma and disorders they have. This is done shortly after patients arrive to the ER. Once evaluated, the treatment priorities are assigned and each patient is moved to appropriate place for treatment. Specially trained emergency physicians and trained emergency nurses perform the triage.

Patients are categorized into TX triage scale T1, T2 and T3 based on decreasing order of severity of illness and emergency care needed.

Emergency care is provided to patients according to their needs and requirements. Based on the scale of severity of illness or injury, responsive care is given immediately. Based on the level of requirement patients are moved to respective emergency care units. We provide care for paediatric, obstetric, general medicine and other specialities. Emergency department has dedicated trauma, resuscitation, decontamination, paediatric, obstetric, cardiac, neuro, and general medicine units.

Emergency centre is well-equipped with a comprehensive range of emergency equipment, apparatus and devices. Emergency beds have electronic monitoring systems, oxygen delivery systems and suction apparatus.

Emergency Department team works collaboratively with Specialists from other disciplines

Radiologists, interventional radiologists, neurosurgeons , cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional neurologists work collaboratively as a multidisciplinary team to deal with critical and life-threatening emergencies. Cardiology labs , neurology labs and radiological lab services are available round the clock to the ER department.

Equipment and Services
  • All ambulances support advanced care with world-class communication, monitoring and life-support systems.
  • Trained Emergency and trauma team with all ambulances
  • Rapid Action Emergency care team for responsive emergency care
  • Quick Responsive Cardiac Emergency team
  • A Stroke team to take care of stroke cases
  • Experienced, trained and expert emergency physicians, nursing staff
  • Separate, cardiac, neuro, paediatric, obstetric, gynaec and elderly care units
  • Rapid medical evaluation process
  • Triage rooms – for 3 level triage system assessment
  • Resuscitation Unit for critically ill patients
  • Major Trauma Unit
  • Equipped Operation theatre for emergency surgeries
  • Minor procedure rooms for minor surgeries
  • Centralized nursing stations for seamless work
  • Round the clock pharmacy services
  • Separate decontamination units and infection control barriers
  • Sophisticated Intensive Care Units (ICU’s)
  • Well-equipped Diagnostic laboratory Unit
  • All Emergency Equipment and Devices are modern
  • Negative pressure rooms to prevent cross-contamination