General Surgery

Best laparoscopic surgery doctors in Uppal, General surgeons are the experts to perform surgery on almost any part of the body. They also provide guidance on the need for surgery and perform biopsy and other diagnostic tests. They are surgical specialist to remove disease and repair injuries for health and healing.

General Surgery

The department of General Surgery at TX Hospitals is well supported with state-of-the-art facilities including modern, modular operation theatres, equipment and clinical expertise. The department is also known for offering minimally invasive surgical interventions (laparoscopic or keyhole surgical procedures) by providing cutting-edge surgical care. With the provision of these procedures’ patients can avail a wide range of treatments across almost all specialities – especially gastroenterology, gynaecology and urology. Minimally invasive surgery helps in speeding up the recovery processes with minimum muscles and tissue damage, less blood loss and very low risk of infection. The pain and discomfort associated with the laparoscopic surgery is quite less.

TX department of general surgery provides several day-care surgical procedures on a short-term admission basis. Day care surgical procedures are performed within a short time with a shorter stay. The patient recovers fast and returns back to home the same day following the surgery.

Multidisciplinary Surgical Care

Experienced general and laparoscopic surgeons at TX Hospitals perform surgeries for a broad range of common conditions and also take care of patients before, during and after the surgery.

Experts from the general and laparoscopic department have the flexibility to work with diverse group of medical professionals and other medical and surgical teams in diverse settings.

General surgeons routinely perform abdominal surgeries (stomach, hernia, appendicitis (appendectomies) and alimentary tract surgeries. They also perform soft tissues, breast and skin and endocrine system surgeries. They possess special skills and expertise in trauma surgery, surgical oncology and surgical critical care.

Surgical Care for Critically ill patients

Our specialized general surgeons have the apt knowledge and skills for a team-based interdisciplinary care with exceptional leadership competencies. TX Hospitals expert general surgeons also possess knowledge of the unique clinical needs of vulnerable and culturally diverse group of patients; obese patients, cancer patients and critically ill patients. They provide counselling and support for patients with chronic and malignant conditions. For terminally ill patients they guide them to palliative care and pain management.