Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine

The department of Best laboratory medicine in Uppal at TX Hospitals deals with a complete range of laboratory tests, investigations and examinations for a wide range of conditions for accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment of patients. It has four major divisions including haematology, biochemistry, clinical microbiology and pathology (clinical and anatomical pathology) with comprehensive facilities for patients’ investigations and research.

Laboratory Medicine
Laboratory Medicine Specialities

Our laboratory medicine’s speciality areas include hematopathology, laboratory genetics, dermatopathology, clinical core laboratory services, clinical biochemistry, clinical physiology, immunology, experimental pathology, advanced medical laboratory and molecular diagnostics.

Our Laboratory Medicine Experts

TX Hospitals’ laboratory medicine department comprises expert laboratory medicine technologists, pathologists, microbiologists, histopathologists, geneticists, lab assistants, chemists, biologists, cytologist technologists, histotechnologists, lab assistants, phlebotomists, genetic counsellors and other experts who work in a multidisciplinary team. All the specialists work collaboratively to provide a wide range of diagnostic solutions.

Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory

Clinical biochemistry department of laboratory medicine provides all types of urine and blood tests and other biochemical tests using other specimens such as cerebrospinal fluid for the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases and disorders.

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

clinical microbiology laboratory in Kachiguda department of laboratory medicine at TX Hospitals provide a broad spectrum of microbiological testing and diagnostic services in bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and mycobacteriology. Drug sensitivity testing and pathogenicity testing is also performed in the laboratory. Specialized and sterile techniques are adopted for the collection of blood, urine, stool, pus, mucus and sputum samples.

Clinical Physiology Laboratory

Clinical physiological tests such as audiometry, spirometry, electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocardiogram (ECG) and ultrasonography, video-EEG are performed by expert technicians, physiologists, sonologists and radiographers. These tests help in the evaluation of functional ability of organs of the body.

Advanced Medical Laboratory

There are many genetic and inherited disorders – such as down syndrome, congenital disorders, certain blood cells disorders – such as Sickle cell anaemia, genetic skeletal disorders and metabolic disorders. Our division of advanced medical laboratory provides the most sophisticated genetic tests for the early diagnosis of these disorders. Our laboratory services also include Newborn screening for certain metabolic disorders and also screening for high-risk lysosomal storage diseases.

Cytology Laboratory

cytology laboratory in hyderabad studies help in studying the morphological and structural aspects of human body cells. Expert cytologists at TX Department of laboratory medicine examine human cells under the microscope to detect early signs of different types of cancers affecting cells and tissues. Most commonly biopsied cells and tissues are evaluated in a special cytology laboratory for the detection of cervical, breast, prostate, and lung cancer .