Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

TX – The Best hospital for physiotherapy in Uppal When it comes to the Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Hyderabad, TX Hospitals has the best physiotherapists, occupational therapists and trauma care and rehabilitation specialist to justify it as the best physiotherapy centre not only in Uppal but also in Hyderabad. The Department of Physiotherapy comprises well-experienced team of expert physiotherapists trained in multiple divisions and sub-specialities of orthopaedics, cardiology, neurology, sports medicine, trauma and rehabilitation medicine.

They have immense expertise in dealing with the health issues of upper and lower limbs, spine, joints, musculoskeletal system and muscles. The team also includes experts outside physiotherapy and rehabilitation – such as neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, sports medicine and critical care specialists. Best physiotherapist in Kachiguda provide seamless care across multiple disciplines and subspecialities in all healthcare setting including orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, critical care, gynaecology, obstetrics, nephrology, internal medicine, sports medicine, paediatrics, geriatrics and psychiatry.

Physiotherapy clinics in Uppal Hyderabad
Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists help people in maximizing their movement, agility, flexibility, function and strength to restore and maintain health and well-being. Their goal is to prevent injury, promote health, improve movement (mobility) with a holistic treatment approach that takes into account an individual’s lifestyle. Physiotherapists address an individual’s underlying physical health issue by means of appropriate body movements and apt exercises.

Physiotherapy – Special Care & Rehabilitation

Tx Hospital has one of the Best Physiotherapy rehabilitation centers in Hyderabad. We provide physiotherapy for sports injuries, cardio, ortho, neuro, onco, stroke, pulmonary, geriatric, brain, and cancer rehabilitation.

Cancer patients suffer from excruciating pain and an array of health issues. We deal with all types of cancer cases to improve their health and well-being and quality of life. Our experts treat cancer patients for their joint & muscle stiffness, pain, fatigue and deconditioning.

We provide care to people suffering from cardio-pulmonary and respiratory health issues – such as asthma and interstitial lung diseases by providing support, preventive care and rehabilitation services.

Urinary and stress incontinence: Expert physiotherapists offer care to both male and female patients suffering from urinary dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction and other urological and urogynaecological health issues.

We have experienced and expert team of professionals who are a part of the rehabilitation team that provide supportive care and services to all our in-patients and out-patients. We also provide outreach services (home therapy) to our beloved patrons.