Best Urology & Nephrology Hospitals in Hyderabad

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TX Hospitals – the best urology hospital in Hyderabad provides the best treatment according to individual needs of the patient. Expert team of urologists, andrologists, urogynecologists, infertility specialist diagnose and treat a wide range of urological problems involving urinary tract – male and female urinogenital, reproductive and infertility problems. The department is well-equipped with robust diagnostic and therapeutic technology, equipment and research facilities.

An expert team trained in diverse aspects of urology, andrology and urological surgery work together to formulate the best treatment plan according to individual needs of patients.

Renal Sciences

Why you need a urologist?

When something goes wrong with your urinary tract or urinogenital tract you may require the services of a urologist. The physicians of this speciality diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases of urinary tract – ranging from, urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, painful urination, kidney stones, urinary tract infections to bladder and prostate cancers.

Urologists also serve people who have regular urinary tract issues, problems with holding urine, kidney stones, bladder issues, prostate issues in males, problems with the ureter, urethra, and kidneys.

Men seek appointment with urologist who work at the best andrology hospital in Hyderabad – such as TX Hospitals if they have urinary incontinence problem, long-term problems with the bladder, loss of bladder control, erectile dysfunction, kidney and bladder stones, infertility issues, problems with prostate (BPH), prostate cancer, varicocele, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

Women also seek appointment with urologist if they have urinary incontinence issues, problem holding urine after pregnancy and pelvic organ prolapse (prolapse uterus, bladder prolapse).

Services offered

TX Hospitals ’ Department of Urology offers specialty services in many areas, including:

Endourology and stone disease: 

TX Hospitals ’ urologists provide non-invasive and minimally invasive management of bladder stones, ureter stones, kidney stones and other stones of the urinary tract. TX Hospital is considered as the best hospital for kidney stones treatment in Hyderabad.

Paediatric urology: 

Paediatric urologist at TX Department of Urology take care of new-borns, infants and children to diagnose and treat a wide range of urologic conditions in them. They correct congenital anomalies and birth defects in new-borns, perform urinary tract reconstruction surgeries, treat voiding dysfunction and urologic cancers in children.

Men’s Urologic conditions:

We provide comprehensive care for all urologic conditions affecting men’s health. Men – especially ageing men suffer from a wide range of urological conditions including urinary incontinence and stress incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), voiding dysfunction and prostate cancer screening and prevention.

Women’s Urologic conditions

Urogynecologists team and senior female urologists provide quality care for a broad spectrum of urogynecologic and urinary tract conditions of the female urinogenital tract. Our experts treat stress and urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, bladder insufficiency and other conditions that affect urinary tract and pelvic organs.


Infertility and Impotence – We offer microsurgical, minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate – and also other procedures for restoring fertility, penile reconstruction and fertility preservation (Reconstructive urology).

The best andrologists in Kachiguda at TX Hospitals diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of infertility problems affecting males including hormonal abnormalities, low testosterone, Azoospermia and varicocele; hypothalamic and pituitary deficiencies. We provide both medical and surgical treatments to restore fertility in our male patients.

Neurourology and reconstructive urology: Our urologists treat both male and female patients who have neurologic conditions that affect urinogenital system and urinary tract. They provide expert care for trauma patients who have been subjected to severe injury to their urinary tract system.

Urologic oncology

Urologic oncologists have special training and expertise to diagnose and treat cancers of the male and female urinogenital tract and reproductive organs including testicles, prostate, penis, kidneys and bladder in men; vulva, vagina, urethra, vagina, bladder, kidney and ureter in females. Prostate, kidney and bladder cancers are common in men. Surgery is the primary treatment for many urological cancers. The type of surgery may depend on the nature, type and stage of the cancer. Some of the common urologic we perform include cystectomy (bladder surgery – partial or radical cystectomy), reconstructive surgery, transurethral resection, ileal conduit, neobladder and continent diversion.

Laparoscopic Urology

Laparoscopic surgery is performed using modern surgical instrument known as a laparoscope. It is also known as keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Small incisions are made to perform this surgery. Laparoscopic pyeloplasty (to correct the blockage or narrowing of the ureter) and laparoscopic nephrectomy (removal of kidneys to treat kidney cancer and as a donor laparoscopic nephrectomy for kidney transplant) are the two most common laparoscopic urological procedures in urology.

When Should you see a Urologist?

If you are searching for this term – urologist near me or urologist in Uppal, then you should have to look for certain signs and symptoms which may suggest certain urological issues. In general, if somebody has problem with their urinary tract, they may experience pain while urinating, blood in urine, loss of bladder control, itching, lower back pain, swelling in legs, pain in groin, stomach, less frequent urination, reduction in urine volume, nausea, vomiting and fever. If you notice these symptoms, you should seek appointment with a urologist.

Nephrology (Kidney Care Centre)

Best Nephrology Hospital in Uppal TX Hospitals is a state-of-the-art Kidney Hospital in Uppal and one of the best kidney hospitals in Hyderabad. As a leading Nephrology Hospital in Hyderabad, TX Hospitals take pride in offering a wide range of nephrology services with a committed teamwork to provide far superior clinical outcomes across a broad spectrum of common, rare, acquired, complex, congenital and degenerative kidney disorders.

TX Hospital is known for exceptional nephrology services including accurate diagnosis, treatment and management of a broad spectrum of common, rare and complex kidney diseases. Since its inception, the hospital has made tremendous progress in terms of implementing latest diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical techniques in the management of end-stage kidney disease – owing to which it has now become a famous kidney hospital in Hyderabad. When it comes to dialysis in Hyderabad, it has one of the most sophisticated dialysis centers in Hyderabad.

Being the best nephrology hospital in Hyderabad, TX Department of nephrology boasts the best-in-class equipment, technology, techniques and facilities and some of the best kidney care doctors. Stringent infection control and quality control measures, comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative care, sophisticated testing and diagnostic support minimize post-surgical complications and infections.

People search for the best kidney hospital in Hyderabad anticipating superior quality care, support and guidance – we at TX Hospitals provide highest quality care, guidance and hope to people suffering from complex kidney diseases. Our services ensure patients’ satisfaction and comfort and make the way for successful clinical outcomes.

TX Department of Nephrology has some of the best kidney specialist in Hyderabad, Uppal who has the expertise of thoroughly investigating each case and comprehensively evaluating the health status of each patient keeping in mind their risk factors, lifestyle and individual needs. They plan, formulate and provide all aspects of treatment – whether it is simply a lifestyle modification or alteration in diet or a more complex kidney transplant procedure and dialysis program – haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Key to our experts’ superior clinical outcomes and significant results of treatment is their ability to intervene early and prompt in time action. They work closely with physical and occupational therapists to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.