Best Hypospadias Repair Procedure in Hyderabad

Hypospadias repair is a surgical procedure that is performed to correct a congenital condition where the opening of the urethra is located on the underside of the penis instead of at the tip. This condition affects approximately 1 in 200 boys and can cause difficulties with urination and sexual function. Hypospadias surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can help restore normal function and appearance of the penis.

Here are the steps involved in a hypospadias repair procedure:

  1. Anesthesia: The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia or a spinal block, which allows the patient to be unconscious or numb from the waist down.
  2. Prepping the penis: The penis is cleaned and sterilized to prevent infection. A urinary catheter is inserted into the bladder to allow urine to drain during the procedure.
  3. Incision: The surgeon makes an incision along the underside of the penis to expose the urethral opening. The location of the opening is evaluated to determine the extent of the surgery needed.
  4. Re-routing the urethra: The urethral opening is repositioned to the tip of the penis using a variety of techniques. The surgeon may use a graft of tissue to create a new urethra or simply reposition the existing urethral tissue. The surgeon may also need to repair any curvature of the penis or address any other associated abnormalities.
  5. Closing the incision: The incision is closed using dissolvable stitches. A protective dressing may be placed over the incision to protect it during the healing process.
  6. Postoperative care: After the surgery, the patient is monitored in the recovery room for a few hours before being transferred to a hospital room. The urinary catheter is usually removed within a day or two after the surgery. Pain medication is prescribed to manage any discomfort, and the patient is advised to avoid strenuous physical activity for several weeks.

Hypospadias repair is a highly successful procedure, with most patients experiencing a significant improvement in urinary and sexual function. However, as with any surgery, there is a small risk of complications, such as infection, bleeding, or a recurrence of the hypospadias. Our  surgeons at TX Hospitals will discuss the risks and benefits of the hypospaias treatment and procedure with you and answer any questions you may have.