Heart, Liver & Kidney Transplant Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad

Transplant Medicine

The Division of Transplant medicine at TX Hospitals deals with major organ transplantation services and work collaboratively with other specialities. Our team of specialist transplant surgeons perform liver, kidneyheart, pancreatic, intestinal, GI and bone marrow transplantations. 

Transplant Medicine

TX Hospitals has expert team of best transplantation specialists in Uppal belonging to various specialities. Our multidisciplinary team comprising of transplant surgeons, transplant physicians, immunologists, medical microbiologists and general physicians and other allied healthcare professionals work collaboratively to provide outstanding patient care. Transplant specialists’ team work in close coordination and association with patient to provide the most appropriate and advanced treatment methods. The team continuously focusses on thorough research to employ better treatment outcomes for the patients.

State-of-the-art Transplant Centre

Our Transplant Medicine Department is well-equipped with modern technology, equipment, high-end devices with comprehensive facilities for cadaver and living donor surgery. An efficient team of renowned and internationally trained multiple organ transplant surgeons, transplant physicians, intensivists, paediatric surgeons, anaesthetists, surgical gastroenterologistskidney, liver, and heart transplant specialists work collaboratively to provide the highest quality of care.

The department provides a dedicated transplant speciality pharmacy with the availability of expert pharmacists and trained staff to provide seamless customer service and prompt delivery of transplant medications.

The department of transplant medicine is an outstanding centre with prime focus on exceptional patient care, mass awareness, research and educational programs.

Transplant physicians and Transplant surgeons and supportive staff help and counsel patients and their relatives regarding all the processes pertaining to organ transplant to them. Transplant medicine department conducts awareness programs and mass sessions and individual counselling sessions to create awareness about organ donation. The objective of this mass awareness campaign is to ensure availability of different types of organs for needy patients.

Transplant Medications

Patients who have undergone transplantation have their individual right and responsibility to be aware of what sort of medicines have been prescribed to them. When they have clear knowledge about the medicines that are being prescribed to them, then it will become easier for them to now how exactly their medicines work and what best they can do to control their symptoms. The next important step for the patients is maintaining their health after the transplantation procedure – which is possible by taking all the prescribed medicines exactly as instructed. These medicines are very important as they prevent infection and rejection. They must be taken for the rest of their life.

Transplant physicians, experts and transplant surgeons work in close collaboration with lead researchers from transplant medicine division to provide insights for the development of advanced treatments and the best outcomes for our patients. TX division of best transplant medicine in kachiguda is committed to provide highest quality patient care, patient education programs and research.