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Tonsillectomy Cost in Hyderabad

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      What is a Tonsillectomy


      A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils, which are two small glands located at the back of the throat. This treatment is typically performed to address recurrent tonsillitis, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic tonsillitis, or tonsil hypertrophy. The surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and can involve traditional surgical methods or newer techniques such as laser or ultrasonic scalpel. Postoperative care includes pain management, hydration, and a gradual return to normal diet and activities.

      How much does a Tonsillectomy Treatment cost?



      A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils, typically performed to treat infected tonsils or alleviate breathing problems such as sleep apnea.

      At TX Hospitals, we offer advanced tonsillectomy procedures at competitive prices, with full insurance coverage and cash facilities available.

      Yes, this treatment is covered under all personal and corporate insurance plans, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

      The recovery time for an advanced laser/coblation tonsillectomy at TX Hospitals is usually 24-48 hours.

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