Mother & Child Care Centre

Mother & Child Care Centre

Best Maternity Hospital in Uppal – TX Hospitals’ Centre for Gynaecology and Obstetrics Care. TX Hospitals’ is the best maternity hospital in Uppal, Hyderabad. Its Gynaecology and obstetrics division provides comprehensive care for a broad spectrum of gynaecological and obstetrics health issues that require medical and surgical care.

The services include both obstetrics and gynaecology, general health checks, gynaec and obstetrics surgery, cervical and breast cancer screening, general health screening, reproductive health screening, oncological and reconstructive surgeries, routine health check-ups and preventive gynaecology. The department take care of diagnosis of pre-existing health condition, routine physical and clinical examination, routine health check-ups, gynaecological health check-ups, pregnancy-related check-ups and cancer screening.

The centre also deals with the other sub-specialities of gynaecology including urogynaecology, gynaecologic endocrinology, cosmetic gynaecology, infertility and gynaecologic oncology. The centre offers a wide range of women health check packages to screen women for a wide range of gynaecological issues that require diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive care for effective management.

We provide comprehensive care for all age group of women – middle-age, young and adolescent girls.

A woman’s reproductive journey begins with her first period (Menarche) and continues throughout the reproductive period and then ends at menopause. During her life cycle, she experiences emotional, social, psychological and physical changes in her body. She also suffers from several health issues. During the reproductive period and throughout her life, she passes through same phases and then reaches menopause. TX Hospitals offer care at every stage of a woman’s life – prepubertal, pubertal, adolescence, pregnancy stage and menopause whenever she faces any type of health issue.

We offer a wide range of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services

Our trained gynaecologists and obstetricians address all health issues of women. They also work collaboratively with other specialists – such as infertility specialists, urologists, gynaecologic oncologists, surgical and radiation oncologists to deal effectively with infertility, urogynaecological and gynaecologic oncological problems.

Best gynaecology hospital in hyderabad We extend support to middle-age and post-menopausal women by means of special and supportive services – such as counselling and supportive care clinics. In addition to out-patient and in-patient care and services, we also offer ancillary and supportive care and services.

Clinical Expertise

We have experienced best gynaecologist in Kachiguda, obstetricians, urogynecologists, infertility specialist and gynaecological oncologists.

Services and facilities
  • Gynaecological health check-ups
  • Gynaecological cancer screening – breast, cervical and uterine cancer screening
  • Prenatal and pregnancy care
  • Experienced, trained and expert obstetricians & Gynaecologists
  • Skilled labour and supportive staff
  • well-equipped labour rooms and birth centres
  • Neonatal emergency and Intensive Care
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Units
  • Blood bank
  • Post-menopausal clinic and counselling
  • Laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis and infertility treatment
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy for all gynaecologic issues
  • PCOS treatment
  • Pain management centre
  • Diet counselling
  • Family planning counselling
  • Women’s Rehabilitation Centre – Obesity, fitness, pain management, nutrition, physiotherapy, counselling, rehabilitation, ancillary, day-care and supportive services
  • Ultrasonography
  • Mammography
  • Laparoscopy
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic technology & Equipment
  • Robust Imaging Equipment, High-resolution monitors and cameras

Offering compassionate and holistic care for neonates, infants and children with the best paediatricians, neonatologists and intensivists. As one of the best paediatric hospitals in Hyderabad, TX Hospitals is offering care across all sub-specialities of paediatrics.

Paediatric Centre of Excellence

The Department of Paediatrics at TX Hospitals is a well-established centre for neonatal and paediatric care and a renowned centre for paediatricians to work with a sense of commitment, highest quality care, ethical values and high standard of diagnostic and therapeutic care. The department has experienced and trained paediatricians and expert nursing staff with immense expertise in paediatrics, neonatology, neonatal intensive and paediatric critical care. Expert paediatricians, paediatric intensivists, new-born care specialists provide excellent care for neonates, infants and children. By providing improved medical services and maintaining all standards of care, the centre has been established as a centre of excellence.

Clinical Expertise

All subspecialities of paediatrics such as neonatology, emergency medicine, paediatric surgery and paediatric intensive care offer primary, secondary and tertiary care with comprehensive facilities. All the subspecialities run day-care paediatric OPD services.

Our paediatricians have extensive experience in this diverse field of paediatrics. Their expertise encompasses every aspect of care ranging from offering care in day-care setting, addressing critical issues in children to working in high-tech specialities – such as emergency and critical care neonatology and community-based services for disabled children.

Paediatric Emergency Care

Paediatrics Division at TX Hospitals provide round the clock paediatric emergency services and intensive care – covering all needs of paediatric cases. The department conducts speciality clinics across all sub-specialities of paediatrics – in addition to – regular OPD and inpatient care. Speciality clinics run throughout week days. The speciality specific specialized care and services include paediatric neurology, paediatric cardiology, infectious diseases and Asthma clinics, immunization and preventive paediatrics.

Fully-equipped and sophisticated paediatric intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care units, intermediate paediatric care, general paediatric care and specialized care units form the core of high-quality in-patient care. Trained nurses, intensivists, neonatal care specialists and expert paediatricians provide holistic care to children. The Paediatric centre is well equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic technology and imaging and monitoring systems.

We also provide
  • Day care services
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Counselling and support for rare metabolic and genetic disorders
  • Cardiac, neurological, ophthalmic and dental health check-ups
  • Children physiotherapy and rehabilitation services
  • Laboratory services – pathology, biochemistry and microbiology
Tertiary Care

The tertiary care division of our department provide comprehensive care across all the subspecialities of paediatrics for all critical cases of neonates, infants and children.