We offer various type of Health packages

Comprehensive Health Packages

  1. Cardiac
  2. Nephrological
  3. Gastroenterological
  4. Neurological
  5. Urology Specific

Executive Health Check-Ups

Age Specific Packages

Gender Specific Packages

All our health offers and health packages are advertised on our

Please call on our Help Line number 040 – to book a package

You can call us and speak to our financial counseling team for any kind of assistance on the hospital tariffs

040 – 26108108 (Banjara Hills)

040 – 48108108 (Kachiguda)

040 – 43108108(Uppal)

TX Hospitals intends to serve the society in more ways than one Apart from offering healthcare services we also have a healthcare education channel that offers health care education and tips on various diseases and conditions

Please visit our website to access our Healthcare education educational content

All information including the credentials, timings and photographs of our Consultants/Doctors is available under “our team” on our website

TX Hospitals is one of the fastest growing healthcare chains of Telangana We have 3 branches at strategic locations in Hyderabad – Uppal, Kachiguda, Banjara Hills

Though we would encourage the patients to visit the facility for a comprehensive consult, we do offer video consultation to the patients who are stable, not acutely ill

Please call on our helpline for scheduling your appointment

The brochure is available for download on the TX hospital website

Please visit our website for online appointment.

Yes, you can but we would always recommend you to take an appointment prior so that your waiting time can be reduced to minimal in spite of high out patient volumes

Yes, we have spacious parking area & valet service is available for 4 wheelers

YES, we keep your information utmost confidential.

NO, our website is available only in English We do have a future plan to bring it in telugu.

Yes, we have translators who will help you in making you understand every information that our hospital would like to know from you or you would like to know from us.

Yes, you can reach us at 040-48108108(Kachiguda), 040-43108108(Uppal), 040-26108108(Banjara Hills) and request/ book an ambulance for service.

  1. (I have health insurance which covers my treatment in the other facility, but your hospital is nearer and I want to avail your transport, by paying for it)

We provide ambulance service for pick up of patient from your residence/hospital to our hospital and dropping from our hospital to your residence In case, if any service is not available at our hospital, we do provide ambulance service to the recommended facility as per your choice.

During hospital stay a patient relationship executive will resolve all your concerns & if it is prior to hospitalization all your queries will be answered by the tele caller

If you are above 18 years of age then you are legally authorized to register. Any one below 18 years of age will require a guardian for any process.

  1. (Registered pt)

 In case of an elective surgery, you can visit hospital as per consultants’ instructions a room will be blocked for you as per schedule

We do not provide hospice services but we surely can guide you as we have an MOU with few organizations which provide hospice services

We are empaneled with few insurance companies for which you can avail Cashless facility.

 It depends upon the terms and conditions of your insurance policy

All the applicable documents of insurance as per the check list to be submitted at billing dept

Please visit our website for accessing the list of insurance companies empaneled with our hospitals.

Yes, we do have an Insurance Team available at all our centers and we provide the needful documents for availing reimbursement.

We have a set free review period i.e., free review within 7 days from the previous OP Consult/Date of Discharge.

We have a number of consultants in each department empaneled with us In case of any concern or need of second opinion then our patient relation executive will help you with the same

As our centers are located in the prime locations of the city, finding an accommodation or other services will not be a concern Our team will definitely help you with suggestions but we do not have any associated accommodations/services for the patients

We do not have any such services

Yes, we have a billing and financial counselling team available 24/7 in the hospital to assist you with your concerns

Registration form and Admission Consent

Yes, you can reserve a room prior in case of planned admission/surgery

Clinical supportive services: Physiotherapy & Dietetics

Yes, if the medical status demands then we do provide the assistance of a doctor, nurse or a respiratory therapist during the transfer.

We have both Basic Life Support & Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support equipped ambulances.

Yes our consultant services are available 24/7.

Yes, you will be informed well in advance the estimated cost of every treatment by our financial counselling team.

For any surgeries or procedures, we charge 80% of the package amount given.

We do accept Credit / Debit cards / Cheques / UPI

DD’s are not accepted.

We allow 1 attender per patient. In case of unavoidable situations then we do provide a permit for one more attendant.

Afternoon: Between 12 noon to 1pm & Evening: 5pm to 6pm

No, our hospital policy does not allow medications bought from outside pharmacy. WE have both Inpatient and outpatient pharmacy available in the hospital. In case of unavailability of any medication then our pharmacy team makes it available at the earliest.

No, our hospital policy does not allow medications or food bought from outside pharmacy. We have both Inpatient and outpatient pharmacy, canteen available in the hospital premises.

It will take 3-4 working days for refund as we will initiate bank transfers immediately after initiating the refund process

If you belong to insurance / corporate category: You will be allotted a room as per your eligibility

If you are admitted under cash category: Room of your choice can be opted

Upgradation: We do allow upgradation for insurance patient upon extra cost but not for the patients admitted under corporate insurance.

At time of your discharge, you will be given a copy of summary which briefs you about the medications to be used and the post discharge instructions that are to be followed.

We have different tariff for day care patients, which will be explained to you at time of admission.

We will complete all the online formalities and accordingly guide the relatives to collect the certificate copies from the concerned office.

Yes, our patient relationship executives will assist you to get in touch with the consultant.

Discharge TAT for cash patients: From the time the consultant orders the discharge to the time the bill gets ready = 3hrs

Discharge TAT for insurance patients: From the time of discharge orders to the time of clearance :5-6 hrs (may vary depending on the insurance companies)

We are the 4th multispecialty hospital in the city to be accredited with Joint Commission International. We strictly adhere to international standards of quality and safety.

As soon as our casualty medical officer confirms as MLC the needful conformalities will be fulfilled by Hospital.

In case of non-availability of services, we refer the patient to the nearest hospital with the required services.

During stay in the hospital:

We respect your rights and you are given access to your record but only upon official written request.

As the purpose of patient room is to serve the patient, once the patient is shifted to either the ICU or the OT then as per the hospital policy the relatives are asked to vacate the room. In certain unavoidable situations the relatives are allowed to keep the room at extra cost provided the availability of rooms.

On admission you will be provided with drinking water and toiletries. Patient wil be provided with all the meals and required diet.

Before you undergo the surgery, our consultant surgeon will provide you with all the presurgical instruction. Basic requirements for all procedures are a presurgical profile (major/minor), Pre- Anesthetic check up by the anesthetist. Our patient relation executive will guide you with all the pre surgical needs.

You can approach your floor level patient relationship executive. We do have suggestion/complaint boxes available at each floor in case you want to drop any suggestions or complaints.

WIFI accessibility is provided for in patients only.

All your complaints will be kept confidential; you can raise your concerns/complaints to the medical administrator.

You can ask your treating consultant if you have any doubt related to your treatment at any given time.

Pre or postponement of surgery depends on your clinical status. If the consultant surgeon finds you stable enough to change the date of surgery then you can definitely change the date

You can tell us and we will arrange for the same if he / she is qualified allopathy doctor.

Children below age of 12yrs are not allowed as attendants

Admission consent alone is required for admission but as per treatment plan accordingly needful consents will be taken

Your records will not be used for any of the above said purposes without your written consent for the same.

Yes, we provide locker within room but safety of your belongings is your responsibility

We follow strict infection control practices and have a teach with the infection control nurse who will educate the patient as well as the attenders on Hospital infection control practices.

Yes, you can if you’re a parent or legal guardian of a minor child

Yes, you can take decision on behalf of the patient only if the patient is not in the capacity to make self-decisions and only If you are first degree relative

Immediately upon noticing that your personal information is wrongly entered notify the manager on duty or patient relationship executive they will guide you and address your concern

We do have a inhouse blood bank at kachiguda. Different components of blood costs different. You can contact our hospital to get the pricing of blood products.

Yes, we do as we adhere to certain safety standards during transfusion of any blood / blood products

As an organization we value transparency & honesty, hence we became the most reliable hospital within 1year of our inception In case of any doubt or concern you can write us on contact@txhospitalsin and we ensure to help you out with your concern

Yes, we are equipped and prepared to handle any emergency

Patient’s will and consent is involved at each step of his/her treatment If the patient is a minor then the legal guardian is involved 

Rights and Responsibilities of patients are displayed at all waiting areas You can also access the same on our website

All the Inpatient records are saved as scanned copies for time the frame recommended as per appropriate guidelines

We have adequate measures in place to ensure all patients’ rights are respected throughout your stay

Your safety is our highest priority Our facility is equipped with safety devices and we have well defined processes in place

Operation Theatres are restricted entry zones Only authorized personnel are allowed inside

As per the hospital policy video recording is not allowed

If you are above 18 years of age you are eligible to sign a consent but if you are below 18 years of age, you are considered as a minor and having a guardian is mandatory In case of guardian then as a part of process we will notify to local police station regarding the same

We are a JCI accredited hospital and we strictly adhere to standard sterilization / disinfection practices to ensure the best infection control practices

we have patient relation executives at all levels in the hospital They will help you with all your concerns in the hospital

Yes, you will be updated immediately about the status of your health Our consultants ensure regular updates on the status of your health when you are admitted at our hospital

You should give consent and you can get discharges at any time of your choice

Yes, we do have praying area for the people of all communities within our facility