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Pulmonology Department at TX Hospitals has the best pulmonologists in Uppal. They are from diverse background with a broad spectrum of expertise in pulmonology. Pulmonology division takes care of a wide range of conditions of the upper and lower respiratory tract – and provide evidence-based treatment. A multidisciplinary team takes care of intricate pulmonological problems diligently with collaborative diagnostic and therapeutic approach.

Our pulmonologists deal with inflammatory, allergic, structural, infectious, autoimmune and malignant conditions of the lungs – neoplastic tumours and lung cancer. Apart from the routine pulmonology outpatient and in-patient care, the centre also offers thoracoscopy and therapeutic bronchoscopy procedures.

COVID-19 Care

Comprehensive Care and extensive monitoring for all COVID-19 patients. If you are looking for Pulmonologist in Uppal for COVID-19 treatment, we have the best clinical expertise, infrastructure and facilities. The centre has a dedicated COVID-19 Care Unit, state-of-the-art respiratory support and monitoring systems, sophisticated ICU’s, advanced ventilators and round the clock availability of specially trained, experienced and expert pulmonologists, emergency care team, trained critical care specialists, cardiologists, respiratory therapists and trained nurses to provide care for all critically ill COVID-19 cases. Pulmonology division has Bronchoscopy suite, PFT lab and sleep lab.

We treat all complex respiratory problems by providing comprehensive care across all subspecialities of pulmonology. At Tx Hospitals’ pulmonology centre in Kachiguda advanced and innovative medical technology meets international clinical expertise.

Chest specialist in Uppal at TX Hospitals provide care encompassing all subspecialities of pulmonology – Interventional pulmonologists diagnose, treat and manage pleural diseases, airways disorders and lung cancer. They also diagnose and treat sleep disorders – obstructive sleep apnea, narrowing or obstruction of airways – obstructive lung disease; neuromuscular disorders, persistent inflammation and scarring of lungs (interstitial lung disease).

The centre also has speciality services and care facilities for COVID-19, Pneumonia, chronic cough, COPD, asthma and lung cancer.

  • Chest ultrasound to get details about the chest structures and associated organs
  • Pulse oximetry test – to check oxygen saturation levels in the blood
  • Pulmonary function test (Lung function tests) – to check the functioning of lungs
  • Pleural biopsy – removal of small lung tissue sample for analysis and studies
  • Chest fluoroscopy
  • Bronchoscopy – to check upper and lower airways, trachea, throat and larynx
  • Flexible bronchoscopy – including interventional procedures – TBNA, transbronchial lung biopsies
  • Medical thoracoscopy (for diagnosis and treatment of unilateral pleural effusions)
  • Lung Cancer Diagnosis Workup
  • Thoracentesis
  • CT scans
  • Sleep studies
Technology & Lab Facilities

Sophisticated Pulmonary Function Lab: The lab provides state-of-the-art facilities – such as Lung diffusion capacity test (to measure the working capacity of alveoli), Spirometry (to measure the amount of air you breathe in and out), plethysmography test(to measure volume of gas in lungs) and Oscillometry. Robust equipment and the facilities available in the lab allow pulmonologists to assess and diagnose intricate breathing difficulty issues, respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Pulmonary function test help diagnose chronic bronchitis, allergies , asthma, lung inflammation, sarcoidosis, emphysema, COPD, bronchiectasis, lung fibrosis, respiratory infections, asbestosis, weakness in chest wall muscles, tumours and lung cancer.

Pulmonology division also has Cardiopulmonary Rehab & Fitness Assessment Unit.

  • Fully equipped sleep lab to manage sleep disorders – breathing difficulties, obstructions and sleep apnea.
  • Well-equipped Bronchoscopy Suite with advanced and innovative medical technology for the diagnosis of complex lung problems.
Treatments Offered

The department of pulmonology provides comprehensive care for the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of respiratory and lung diseases including upper respiratory tract infections, allergic rhinitis, flu infections, chronic cough, COVID-19 infection, Sleep apnea, sleeping and breathing difficulties, snoring, Interstitial lung disease (ILD), allergy, hay fever, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Pneumonia, Asthma, Respiratory failure, acute bronchitis, emphysema, adult cystic fibrosis, pulmonary embolism, tuberculosis, pulmonary Sarcoidosis, Scleroderma (a disease that causes thickening and hardening of connective tissue) and lung cancer . Our experts diagnose and treat Asthma and COPD using sophisticated technology. We also have dedicated chronic cough and Asthma clinics; interstitial lung disease & bronchiectasis clinics.

  • Emergency Pulmonary Care
  • Oxygen assessment
  • Intercostal drain insertions for emergency care
  • Home ventilation service (BIPAP, CPAP)
  • Non-invasive ventilation services
  • Respiratory ICU’s
  • Allergy Screening
  • Lungs health screenings (health checks)
  • Tuberculosis – contact tracing & diagnosis
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
When should you see a pulmonologist?

Chest specialist in Uppal at TX Hospitals perform a thorough medical examination to assess the overall health status of a patient if the patient has high fever, persistent cough, breathing difficulty and trouble walking due to breathing problems. After complete medical examination and diagnosis our doctors provide apt treatment.

Meet our experienced pulmonologist in Uppal at TX Hospitals for all types of pulmonary health issues. If you smoke, have persistent cough; trouble breathing, cough up mucus and blood and have unexplained weight loss – seek an expert appointment immediately.

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