Pulmonology Procedures

Pulmonology – Procedures

  1. Bronchoscopy
  2. Pleural Fluid Tapping
  3. ICD procedure and indwelling pleural catheter procedure
  4. Thoracoscopy
  5. Endobronchial ultrasonography (EBUS)


At Tx Hospital, Our Pulmonologists And Respiratory Therapists Are Highly Trained And Experienced In Performing Bronchoscopy Procedures. We Use The Latest Technologies And Techniques To Provide Our Patients With Accurate Diagnoses And Effective Treatments For A Wide Range Of Lung Conditions.

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Pleural Fluid Tapping

At Tx Hospital, We Offer Expert Pleural Fluid Tapping Services To Diagnose And Treat A Wide Range Of Respiratory Conditions. Our Team Of Pulmonologists And Respiratory Therapists Use The Latest Technologies And Techniques To Perform This Procedure Safely And Effectively.

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ICD procedure and indwelling pleural catheter procedure:

At TX Hospital, we offer state-of-the-art care and treatment options for patients with a wide range of respiratory and cardiac conditions. We are proud to provide advanced medical procedures such as ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) placement and indwelling pleural catheter placement to diagnose and treat these conditions.

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Thoracoscopy is a procedure a doctor uses to look at the space inside the chest (outside of the lungs). This is done with a thoracoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a light and a small video camera on the end. The tube is put in through a small cut made near the lower end of the shoulder blade between the ribs. Thoracoscopy is sometimes done as part of a VATS procedure.

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Endobronchial ultrasonography (EBUS)

Endobronchial Ultrasonography (EBUS) Is A Diagnostic Modality In Which A Miniature Ultrasonic Probe Is Introduced Into The Tracheobronchial Lumen To Provide The Sonographic Images Of The Peribronchial Tissue.

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