Pharmacy is at the core of medicines selection procurement, delivery, administration and review of medicines. Pharmacists at TX Hospitals ensure that the right drug, dose, time and route of administration go to patients. Complete information and documentation are respected whenever a medicine is used.

TX Hospitals’ pharmacy provides 24/7 services for patients and their families. We provide, safe, cost-effective drugs and timely delivery. Immensely qualified pharmacists review and dispense medicines for both inpatients and outpatients. The pharmacy adopts safe and efficient drug distribution system and maintains a process that helps manage patients concerns.

Experienced pharmacists select, store and dispense medications for patients round the clock. They also advice patients and other healthcare professionals regarding the efficacy, effectiveness and safety of medicines.

Pharmacists devise specific medication plans which are individualized for patients. They also help physicians in making drug-based decisions and patients in providing information and provide medicines in emergency situations.

Blood Bank

State-of-the-art and efficient blood bank at TX Hospitals has provisions for safe collection and storage of blood. The internal quality parameters abide to both national and international quality standards. The department of transfusion medicine ensures that the collected blood and blood products are safe before any transfusion takes place. Prior to collection and storage, blood is tested for blood type and infectious diseases. Blood bank uses well-equipped and safe blood collecting and processing systems for the preparation of blood components and products. We also run periodic external quality assessment programs.

TX Hospitals provides round the clock blood bank services to meet emergency blood requirements of the patients. We ensure round the clock availability of safe blood. Our quality control and management system has been set in accordance with the existing provisions and guidelines of NABH, HIV screening, HBsAg screening and HCV screening, NACO guidelines, directives of National Blood Policy and Drug Controller General of India.


Healthy diet plays an important role in one’s health. Several lifestyle-related conditions – such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease can be prevented by incorporating healthy diet. Therefore, we provide healthy foods and diet in our hospitals’ cafeteria menu. We prove a wide range of healthy foods that are low in sodium and fats and our aim is to serve as a role model of wellness for the communities. When it comes to serving food to our guests and patrons, TX Hospitals sets high-quality nutritional standards.

We have a main Cafeteria for breakfast, lunch, extended lunch – tea, coffee and snacks (samosas, sandwiches) and for dinner and a small café for coffee, small meals and snacks (sandwiches, burgers and pizzas) within the hospital premises. We also provide in-patient dining and guest dining services. We serve all types and categories of foods and dishes including north Indian, South Indian, deccan, Chinese, Mediterranean and continental.

Vending machines

For water, beverages, juices and snacks, vending machines are located at convenient places for the guests and patients.


ATM facility is available in the hospital’s lounge for the comfort and ease of patients. Hospital visits are mostly unpredictable and unplanned and also disturbing for many people. Most of us forget to carry essential items and adequate cash while leaving home in a rush to get to the hospital. TX Hospital knows the importance of providing an easy access to cash within the hospital premises for the family members and loved ones of the patient. This is even beneficial for hospital staff and employees -especially for those who are working in shifts. Employees working long shifts, patients’ attendants, family members who stayed overnight -usually don’t have time to leave the hospital and go to nearby branch for doing banking. Provision of ATM within the premises ensures easy and convenient way to withdraw money.

ATM within the hospital offers several benefits to patients. They don’t have to leave hospital for money – which means, saves their precious time. The second advantage is that it maximizes security.

Money Exchange / Money Transfer

We provide money exchange and foreign currency exchange facility in the hospital. In addition, there is also a western union money transfer facility located in the close vicinity of the hospital.

Fire Safety

During emergency situations like fire hazards, TX Hospitals has safe and easy evacuation methods. TX Hospitals always keep an updated and current place Emergency Management Plan (EMP) to tackle emergency situations like fire. Our fire safety and security measures are in accordance with the approved fire safety measures. TX Hospitals has an efficient Emergency and Risk Management and control plan that encompasses well-defined emergency command structure with groups and sub-groups; a detailed action plan and a fire safety management team.

A dedicated team of fire safety staff keeps fire fighting equipment in check. They ensure that all equipment and devices are in good working condition and operational. The firefighting equipment includes fire extinguishers, emergency exit doors, signs and signals, fire alarms and smoke detectors. Experienced team members and fire and safety personnel do periodic performance check while doing mock fire drills. A responsive team takes charge in an emergency situation. The hospital has a wide range of evacuation aids including evacuation sheet and mats. TX Hospitals Fire and Safety department conducts staff’s fire safety training and mock drills on a periodic basis.


TX Hospitals is committed to provide a safe and secure ambience for all guests, visitors, patients, staff and others. The hospitals take comprehensive safety and security measures to keep patients and visitors safe from any untoward incident, misbehaviour, aggression and violence against them. Our trained and experienced security staff takes care of day-to-day security measures to ensure patients and visitors safety. In addition, we also take a range of security measures – such as use of alarms, CCTV cameras, security systems for doorways, electronic access control systems, biometric-based identification for access to secure and restricted areas in the hospital for the safety and security of our patients.

Security staff restrain visitors from visiting the hospital during non-visiting hours and resting period for patients. They will also not allow gifts such as foods, flowers and pots, etc. They do not tolerate abusive and aggressive behaviours from the patient’s family members or visitors.


TX Hospital’s parking space is accommodative with visitors and patients friendly parking lanes and spaces. Ample parking is available for both four wheelers and two wheelers. Valet parking facility is also available for walk-in patients.