Patients’ Guidelines

  • In-patients can ask any question related to their treatment plan and medication to the nurse. She will provide medicines and take care of your health and well-being.
  • Keep appointment and be on time for consultations.
  • Provide complete and accurate information – complete name, phone number, date of birth, complete address.
  • Keep your doctors and nurses informed of the progress of treatments and effectiveness.
  • Treat all hospital staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Understand all information and instructions prior to signing consent forms.

Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

  • You have the right to ask for accurate information from the doctor who is treating you – regarding your present health status, possible investigations, procedures and treatments and treatment outcomes.
  • You have the right to ask questions and make informed decisions pertaining to your treatment. You can involve your spouse, relative or well-wishers in your decision-making process.
  • You have the right to give your free or informed consent, change your decision, reflect on your thoughts before finalizing your consent or decision, review the decision or postpone it to consider it later.
  • All your information is confidential and it is protected. The information will not be disclosed to a third party.
  • You will have privacy during care – examinations, diagnosis, treatments and procedures.
  • You will receive unbiased care and attention irrespective of your age, gender, language, origin, race or disability.
  • All your medical records are confidential unless required by law or when there is a requirement from insurance provider or by law.
  • You have the right to talk about your care and the expected cost of treatment. If ask you will get the explanation of the charges.
  • You have the right to accept or reject when video graphing, filming or photographing you for patient education or research purpose. Your written consent will be obtained whenever it is done.
  • We request you to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and ambience by respecting others privacy and by limiting the number of visitors during permitted hours.
  • You should follow the treatment plan provided to you by your doctor.
  • You have the right to read all medical forms thoroughly before filling in and signing.
  • You are requested to use your mobile phone discretely and avoid loud conversations.

Visitors guidelines

  • Visitors should follow visiting hours to visit wards and ICUs.
  • Family and friends are an integral part of your healing journey. We value their participation in your recovery process.
  • We request our visitors to limit their visits during visiting hours in the best interest of the patients.
  • Depending on patient’s specific medical condition and special needs, visitors may be restricted.
  • Visitors should carry (wear or display) their visitors passes while they are in hospital’s premises.
  • Contact help desk, if you have lost your pass.
  • Children less than 10 years of age are not allowed on patients’ floors.
  • All visitors should sanitize their hands before and after visiting the hospital.
  • Visitors should read and follow all the instructions, signs and boards.
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited near patients monitoring systems, ICU’s and in the radiology department.

Visitors Do's & Don'ts

  • Visitors should obtain visitors’ passes. Only one visitor is allowed per pass.
  • Please don’t smoke inside the hospital.
  • Do not bring outside food in the hospital.
  • Outside food is not allowed for the patient.
  • Don’t bring children under 10 to 12 years to the hospital unless they need care.
  • Don’t visit the hospital if you have cold, flu or any other infection.
  • Don’t come to the hospital without mask if you are coughing and sneezing.
  • Take care of your valuables.

Visitors Policy

  • Visitors should visit the hospital only during visiting hours.
  • Visiting ICU is restricted – only one or two persons will be allowed at a time to visit ICU during visiting hours.
  • Only one visitor is allowed against one pass.
  • Visitors should not bring children under age 10 to 12 years to the hospitals.

Visiting hours – 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Your Hospital Stay / Accommodation

Getting into your room: Our guest relation executive will take you to the room and show all the amenities and facilities available in it. A ward nurse will visit you to take your complete medical history. You will be given an identification band or card with tag for identification purpose.

Types of Rooms

Common / Special Wards

Common rooms are centrally air conditioned with 12 to 15 beds. A screen sliding curtain separates each bed – which is manually operated. Bedside food trolly, stool, chair, cupboard and Wi-Fi are available in the room.

Semi Private / Twin Sharing Room

Air-conditioned room with two adjustable beds for two patients with LED TV, Intercom and telephone for each patient. The room has two attendant’s couches, cupboard and intercom as well. A manually operated sliding screen type curtain separates each bed making it a private room.

Private Room

Air-conditioned room with adjustable bed patient and one bed for attender. The room accommodates two persons. The room has LED TV, wardrobe, kettle, Wi-Fi facility, Intercom with telephone.

Deluxe Room

Spaciously built air-conditioned deluxe rooms with ample provision for sunlight and ventilation. The room is furnished with adjustable patient bed, a sofa set, two chairs, LED TV, Internet (Wi-Fi), cupboards, intercom, and refrigerator.

Super Deluxe Room

Air-conditioned super deluxe spacious patient room with a separate lounge, sofas for visitors with complete comfort and privacy. Super deluxe room has the following amenities:

  • No. of beds: two – one for the patient and the other for patient attendant
  • Attached toilet-cum-bathroom
  • Sofa and chairs + Coffee table
  • Adjustable bed for patient and comfortable bed for attendant
  • Microwave oven and kettle
  • LED Television, telephone and small refrigerator
  • Internet access + Netflix, Intercom

Executive Suites

Air-conditioned patient room, elegantly designed with a visitor room and lounge. The suite has the following amenities:

  • No. of beds /room: two – one room for the patient and the other room for visitors
  • Attached toilet-cum-bathroom
  • Sofa and four chairs + coffee table + kettle
  • Microwave oven
  • Electrically operated adjustable bed for patient + Attendant bed
  • LED Television and telephone and one refrigerator available
  • Internet access + Netflix, intercom

Executive suite facilities: King size bed, shower and bathtub, free Wi-Fi, City view, satellite cable, alarm clock, A/C, slippers, bottled water, coffee / tea maker, Desk, hair dryer, clothes rack, ironing facility, clothes dryer, Closet, In-room safe box, smoke detector.

Rooms Facilities & Services

Room Services

Safe lockers – bedside safe lockers are available to keep your belongings. However, you will be advised not to wear jewellery and costly items.

Food service

All types of foods are available for patients and their caretakers. The meals are specially planned by our dieticians to fulfil patients’ medical and nutritional requirements. In addition, we provide customized and personalized diet plans and menus for patients who are on special diets or dietary therapy owing to their special conditions and health requirements.

Telephone – bedside telephone is available for patients.

For additional requirements and other services – such as housekeeping services, request for packaged water, bed covers, press, and for any other requirement, patients can make call and put forward a request.

Other services – laundry, provision of meals, nursing care, doctors’ round, sample collections, laboratory tests, and other clinical procedures and other room services are available.

Allied health professional services

Physiotherapists, dieticians, rehabilitation experts, occupational therapists provide their services as per the requirement of your health condition. They assess and provide treatment to manage your progress of recovery.


Our customer care executives facilitate admissions at the admission desk. You will get a Unique Identification number (UID). All future references and medical records will have this number. Once you complete the process and pay the estimated amount, you will be guided to your room. You will fill in a form and complete admission formalities and then escorted to your room. You can avail the room that you have selected.

Patient attendant: One attendant is allowed per patient.

Checklist for your admission

  • Health insurance card or insurance card or cover guarantee from your insurance provider.
  • Aadhaar card or driving license or government issued identity card
  • Medical reports if any (previous)

Payments: If you want to avail cashless facility through the Third-Party Administrator (TPA), you can contact the insurance / TPA desk, they will guide you.

We recommend you to check with your insurance provider (national, international or foreign) whether you are covered. This you should do before your admission.

Cash Payment – Our financial counsellors will guide you regarding treatment estimate and initial deposit amount. You can do the payment in cash or using credit or debit card.

Billing / Payment – Pay your bills at the billing counter

For redressal of billing queries, contact (include phone number here)

Payment Mode – cash, card or bank transfer


Your discharge process begins after getting your doctor’s advice. Your doctor will decide the date of discharge and plan it ahead. Discharge mostly happens by noon. Billing department prepares bill. Our support staff prepares complete discharge summary, procures bills, prepare and compile reports, gets approval from concerned medical officers and gets the final approval from insurance company. Once completed, the final bill is handed over to the patient. The discharge counter takes care of the final settlement. Patient should submit visitors passes at the counter.

Sometimes, there will be delay in discharge process due to delay in getting the approvals from respective insurance company and TPAs.


You will provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims. Our staff will request you for the same. The billing department will present the final bill to you. Once you receive the bill you have to settle it as the cahier will hand over the discharge intimation slips to the head nurse. She will handover discharge summary and all reports to you.

Leaving the Hospital against Medical Advice

Your doctor informs you about the possible risks of getting discharge within the stipulated and advised timeframe. If you want to leave hospital against your doctor’s advice, then you must sign a self-discharge form and your own consent of leaving from the hospital on your own liability and risk.

General Instructions

You should ensure that you have received the following before leaving the hospital:

  • Discharge summary.
  • Doctor’s prescription and notes regarding follow-up treatment.
  • Emergency certificate / Sick leave certificate or any other document whichever is necessary to you.
  • Duly mentioned follow-up appointment dates.
  • Homecare prescription to avail physiotherapy or rehabilitation services
  • A follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Follow-up Appointment

TX Hospitals always advises its patrons for follow-up care. To ensure this, you should follow your follow-up appointment dates after leaving the hospital. This will help in faster recovery and also for evaluating your progress and recovery.


Empanelled Insurance Companies & TPA's

TX Hospital group provides comfortable and hassle-free hospitalization services as it has got associated with some of the reputed and leading health insurance companies. You can also avail cashless hospitalization based on your insurance service provider.

TX Hospitals provide medical facilities and services that are on par with international standards. TX group has also got associated with several reputed international health insurance service providers – which provide insurance coverage to overseas and international patients and foreigners. Expert clinicians provide highest quality care to our international patients.

List of Insurance companies and TPA’s (include logos)

Corporate Health Services & Enquiries

TX Hospitals provide the following healthcare services for corporates:

  • Corporate health screening services
  • Comprehensive medical health assessment
  • Health check-up by specialists’ doctors
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Health camps
  • Workplace health promotion programs
  • Physiotherapy programs
  • Occupational health support programs
  • Diagnostic services for corporates
  • Speciality clinics and outreach clinics

International Patients

Our international team help, guide and always there with you to ensure that your trip is hassle free. Our team will help you in general enquiries, experts’ opinions, medical letters, bookings, arrivals, visa assistance, consultation with the physicians, pre-operative care, pre-consultation with the surgeon, operative care, post-surgical care, recuperation, follow-up and online consultations, and so on.

International Patient Service Executive

Right from the moment you enquire about seeking TX Hospitals’ medical care for your health issue, our international patient service executive will assist you throughout your stay. Irrespective of your concern, which could be about exchanging money, enquiries about finding suitable hotel, restaurants, international insurance providers, hospital stay, our international patient care executives are always available to help. In addition, we will also provide a dedicated relationship manager. He will take care of all your needs and help you with all the necessary processes of the hospital.

International Patient Care at TX Hospitals

TX Hospitals offers treatment and care for all types of complex health problems providing hope to millions of international patients who travel to India from across the globe.

Highly qualified, internationally trained, expert doctors, trained and board-certified nurses and healthcare specialists offer affordable and quality care which is on par with international standards. All our medical practices and services, treatment methodologies and protocols, quality measures, amenities, facilities are all in accordance with all international quality standards.

Our dedicated international patient Care centre has immensely experienced staff to take care of all international patients who come to our hospital for seeking quality treatment and care. Our relationship managers, executive and supportive staff take care of the patients with undivided attention and care as soon as they arrive at the airport.

Medical Opinion /Appointment / Treatment cost Estimate

To Request a Medical Opinion Online, fill in our online enquiry form – our international patient service executive will contact you for further help and assistance. Our executive will help you with all your queries related to your travel.

Once we get your request, we will select the right specialist for your case to address your health concerns and requirements. Our relationship manager will ask you about your preferred date of appointment, once you provide complete and detailed information about you to us.

Once your medical appointment is confirmed, we will send a letter of invitation for Visa. We will also send a scanned copy of the invitation letter to the patient. This copy can be used by the patient to submit it in the respective embassy for approval.

Compassionate Care

We are committed to provide compassionate, safest and top-quality care to all our patients. We provide comprehensive, holistic, personalized and customized care according to the unique requirements of each patient.

Clinical Expertise

All our expert doctors and consultants with their internationally recognized expertise and experience holistically treat our patients by collaborating with other specialists who are trained in multiple areas of medicine to determine the best treatment according to patients’ specific needs.

State-of-the-art facilities

TX Hospitals is a tertiary care multispeciality hospitals with comprehensive emergency, critical care and trauma care services – well equipped with sophisticated equipment, technology, diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

Top-Quality Treatment

Efficient team of expert clinicians and dedicated physicians and surgeons provide top-quality treatment in accordance with international quality standards for a wide range of complex diseases and conditions. We practice evidence-based medicine.

Top-notch technology

Futuristic technology to redefine clinical excellence – TX Hospitals is India’s emerging healthcare chain – well equipped with advanced equipment, sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic technology and qualified experts.

Cost-effective treatment

Highly qualified experts with a unique combination of broad scientific knowledge, clinical expertise and superior skills in their respective specialities offer cost-effective treatment for all patients.

International Patients Services

TX Hospitals’ Exclusive Services for International Patients includes the following:

  • A Dedicated International Patient Centre
  • A dedicated international lounge
  • International patient desk
  • Interpreters in selected languages
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Personal relationship executive 24/7
  • International patient services executive
  • Patients’ enquiry and travel arrangements desk
  • Local mobile sims for easy access and communication
  • Visa services
  • All types of hotel booking – Deluxe, luxury and five-star hotels
  • Airport pickup and drop service
  • Hassle free hospital admission
  • Top-quality patient care
  • Centrally air-conditioned amenities
  • Deluxe, super deluxe & executive rooms and luxury suites
  • Wi Fi enabled suites
  • International Concierge Desk for local travel, hotels booking and sightseeing

International Patients Safety Goals

TX Hospitals adopts international patient’s safety goals that are in accordance with the safety goals set by the World Health Organization and the Joint Commission International.

TX Hospitals believes that patient’s safety is its prime objective. Patient safety initiatives are tailored according to the needs of the patients. TX hospitals promote safe practices in the hospital to ensure overall patient’s safety.

We maintain a sterile environment with deep cleansing to ensure that patients remain safe in the hospital. With safe infection control practices, we ensure zero percent post-surgical infection rate.

We ensure nursing patient safety goals through careful use of medicines and active methods of infection prevention.

TX hospitals has set goals to improve compliance with hand hygiene guidelines based on established international goals.

We have set proven parameters, guidelines and included those in-patient management plan to prevent and minimize falls in the hospital premises.

For the pre-operative and post-operative management of all patients, TX Hospitals uses approved parameters, guidelines and protocols and evidence-based practice guidelines.

To ensure safe surgery we implement the Universal Protocol instituted by the JCI – that includes preoperative information verification, marking of anatomical site and final confirmation by surgical team.

We have set in place clinical alarm systems to alert caregivers of potential health issues of patients. We have a systematic and coordinated approach to this system for safe alarm management.

TX Hospitals implements CME’s and training programs for all healthcare workers to ensure that they adhere to set guidelines and protocols.

We ensure proper and effective communication while recording critical exam results and medical instructions to minimize errors.

Doctor's Talk