The department of Critical Care at TX Hospitals, has a state of the art facility with the latest monitoring systems and equipment. This complements our dedicated, qualified and experienced team of consultants. The Critical Care Unit (CCU) at TX Hospitals is an aesthetically designed unit, laid out as per international norms and specifications for offering personalized care in individual suites under the surveillance of sophisticated monitoring equipment and committed nursing staff. The specifications of the technology available in the CCU are on par with the most advanced in the business. The units are equipped with advanced bed units capable of handling severely ill patients requiring utmost attention, comfort and sterility for minimizing possible infections and inconvenience.

The CCU team at TX consists of qualified and well trained professionals who bring years of experience and training to the bedside. This attribute applies to the entire range of services offered including medical, nursing, nutritional support, physiotherapy, biomedical and laboratory services. Due to the round-the-clock availability of these specialists, they were able to achieve several benchmarks in critical care. The CCU team has an exemplary academic and professional track record and is committed to continuous learning and training programs. Also, the team practices accountability and transparency quite stringently in order to benefit the department and patients.