Cancer Institute

When it comes to Best Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad: The Department of Oncology at TX Hospitals is one of the largest, most comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment centres in Hyderabad. Apart from the best oncologists offering their services at the centre, the oncology department is well equipped with modern equipment, cutting-edge technology and world-class facilities to provide highest level care.


TX hospitals is one of the best Cancer Institute in Uppal, we provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care encompassing all aspects of oncology across medical, surgical and radiation oncology specialities. The oncology department’s objective is to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation care to people of all ages – men, women, and children suffering from all types of cancers.

Oncologist in Hyderabad

Early detection of cancer ensures effective treatment in the initial stage itself. TX Hospitals’ best oncologist in Hyderabad are experts in early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of cancer. They adopt exceptional, proven and evidence-based diagnostic techniques and the most advanced procedures for early detection of cancer. They take care of Patients’ safety, comfort and needs to render highest quality and personalized care.

A team of best oncologists in Hyderabad work together collaboratively as a multidisciplinary team and also with specialists from other specialities to determine the best treatment – which is specialized and customized according to individual requirements.

Oncology Specialities
  • Medical Oncology
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Paediatric Oncology
  • Haematology
  • Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Medical Oncologist in Hyderabad at TX Hospitals

Medical Oncology is the branch of oncology that deals with the treatment of cancer using medications known as chemotherapy drugs. The objective of chemotherapy is to eliminate malignant cancerous cells from the body when they spread throughout the body. Any best medical oncology doctor in Hyderabad is the one who takes the responsibility of the implementation, monitoring and management of chemotherapy regimen in patients. Best medical oncologist in Hyderabad at TX Hospital – the best medical oncology Hospital in Hyderabad are immensely proficient with profound expertise of using latest techniques in chemotherapy. They provide evidence-based treatment by creating specialized and specific treatment regimens according to patient’s unique requirements. They use specialized chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies, hormonal and immunotherapies to treat cancer.

They also devise appropriate treatment plans depending on the nature of cancer. A typical treatment plan is a combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy based on the stage, nature and extent of cancer. The Best medical oncologist in Hyderabad at TX Hospital uses specialized chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies, hormonal and immunotherapies to treat cancer.

An experienced and expert medical oncologist in Hyderabad at TX hospital follows a distinct approach to deal with cancer. They determine the right treatment plan for each patient based on the type, nature, spread and stage of cancer and the location where cancer has spread. Medical oncologists also oversee the associated conditions, the extent of damage caused to vital organs and the complications associated with cancer while providing chemotherapy to cancer patients.

Surgical Oncology

The division of surgical oncology at TX Hospitals provide comprehensive care under the guidance of multidisciplinary team of experts who work collaboratively. Surgical oncologists in Hyderabad at TX Hospitals are trained and expert surgeons who specialized in treating various types of cancers. They work with microbiologists, immunologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and other experts including head and neck cancer specialists, surgical gastroenterologists and neuro surgeons to ensure best treatment and care for patients.

Best Surgical Oncologist in Hyderabad Treat Complex Cancers

Best onco surgeon in Hyderabad known for their internationally recognized innovative and coordinated patient care and with over a few decades long experience and expertise leads a team of onco surgeons for outstanding clinical outcomes. Our surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive cancer surgery adopt safer techniques and robust procedures that are specific and precise with minimum tissue and muscle damage. This ensures quick recovery time, minimum scarring and shorter hospital stay.

The team has some of the Best oncologist doctor in Kachiguda who concentrate on providing helpful insights to patients while counselling and educating them about the pros and cons of the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and procedures. Some of the expert team members also provide comprehensive details of the preoperative preparations and post-operative recovery and care to the patients.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology deals with the use of high-energy radiations to kill cancer cells. Expert radiation oncologist in Hyderabad use high-energy radiation in controlled, regulated and targeted doses and precisely direct these radiations in accurate doses to kill tumours and cancer cells. The target is precisely identified and hit with high-energy radiations as a treatment modality. Radiations kill some cancer cells and also incapacitate some cancer cells due to the damage caused to the DNA and chromosomes of cancer cells.

Best radiation oncologist in Hyderabad at TX Cancer centre treat some of the rare and complex cancers affecting breast, ovaries, colon and other organs of the body. Their specialized expertise ensures precise treatment and exceptional clinical outcomes.