Best Vesicostomy Procedure in Hyderabad

Vesicostomy is a surgical procedure that involves creating an opening in the bladder wall to allow urine to be drained through a catheter. Vesicostomy surgery is typically performed on children who have problems with urinary incontinence or obstruction, as well as adults who have bladder dysfunction or other urological conditions.For best treatment for undescended testicle in adults consult TX hospitals.

Here are the steps involved in a vesicostomy procedure:

  1. Anesthesia: Before the procedure, you will be given anesthesia to help you sleep and prevent pain during the surgery.
  2. Incision: The surgeon will make a small incision in the lower part of the abdomen to access the bladder.
  3. Bladder preparation: The bladder will be emptied and flushed with a sterile solution to prevent infection.
  4. Creation of the vesicostomy: The surgeon will create an opening in the bladder wall and suture the edges of the opening to the abdominal wall. A catheter will be inserted into the opening to allow urine to drain out of the bladder and into a collection bag.
  5. Closure of incision: The incision in the abdomen will be closed with sutures or staples.
  6. Post-operative care: You will be monitored closely after the procedure to ensure that there are no complications such as bleeding or infection. You will also be given pain medication and antibiotics to prevent infection.

Vesicostomy is a safe and effective procedure that can improve the quality of life for patients with urological conditions. However, it is not without risks, and complications such as bleeding, infection, and catheter-related problems can occur. It is important to follow doctor’s instructions for post-operative care and to attend all follow-up appointments to ensure the best possible outcome.